By the grace of God our son Trevor attended RCS for 2 years. It was the best 2 years we gave him for his education. RCS for 2 years. It was the best 2 years we gave him for his education. RCS provided him the foundation he needed to succeed in high school both academically and socially. The discipline he learned in the classroom and the nurturing environment the teachers gave him each and every day was a life’s lesson that will guide him through his future years in both high school and college. They prepared him to be a young man who through the love of God is determined to help others and give back through playing the game he loves most – baseball. RCS has that family atmosphere and we are blessed to have been a part of such a loving community.

– Karen & Steve Backman

I attended RCS for just a few short years from 1986-90 and to this day I hold the school responsible for teaching me such important core values that I don’t know where I would be without this excellent christian institution.

– Jeremy Shenton

I love that the school is like a family. Prayer is such an important part of the school and it makes such a big difference, I love the fact that not only the staff is praying for our family, but so are the other parents. You can always find support.

– Maureen Rinaldo

When our niece and nephews attended RCS a million years ago, Rich and I went to many of the school plays and functions. Whenever we entered the sanctuary for an event, before we even had children of our own, we always said, “It would be nice for our children to attend here someday. Always felt like a small town, Little House on the Prairie experience. Always loved that feeling. Now . . . So many years later . . . We have been more than blessed to give our child the gift of education and sharing life at Ringwood Christian School. Thank you for maintaining the small town, Little House experience in light of the day and age we find ourselves in. High School is knocking at our door, it is going to be a challenging change of chapters.

– Melissa Brodeur

I love RCS out loud every chance I get to anyone who will listen. RCS not only has met my expectations but exceeds them. I love the teachers, the curriculum, and the nurturing environment that my son is gifted with each day. My son is safe, well educated, and loved at RCS and I can’t begin to express what a wonderful feeling I have knowing that this is where I am sending my child each day.

– Renee Ackley

What’s not to love?!? Excellent, dedicated teachers/staff, Christ centered environment, academically advanced, caring and helpful. The ideal place for my children to learn and grown in!

– Lorelle Richard

Lots of things to love but I will go with one some may not agree on . . . The research paper project/science fair. No I’m not crazy! Our high school aged daughter has used the skills she learned from those projects over and over again.

– Julia Raudenbush

The teachers are kind loving smart wonderful people! I love rcs! My kids are growing so much spiritually and academically but they are being nurtured and loved at the same time! It’s a fantastic place at RCS!!!

– Christina Baez

We came to RCS at a very difficult and critical time in the life of our eldest son. He had been attending another Christian school since pre-school and in 5th grade had become very ill. Struggling with this strange illness and all of the anxiety that went along with it, we also needed to find a middle school. The school he attended only went up to 6th grade and our 2nd child was ready for kindergarten. I was introduced to RCS through a woman’s Bible study. I quickly scheduled a meeting with Dr. Furrey and openly discussed our needs, concerns and desires for our children’s educational experience. We were impressed with the level of commitment, dedication and involvement in all areas school life at RCS.

The emphasis of partnering of the school with the family and church is the mission of the school and one of the most important standards that attracted our family to RCS. Though it was a difficult transition and adjustment for our son due to all he was dealing with physically and emotionally, I find that his time at RCS has been an important contribution to his academic and spiritual growth. With the challenges we face as parents in raising godly children in today’s fast paced, instant gratification, technologically advanced, permissive world; our family has chosen to make the necessary sacrifices in order to provide a Christian school education for our children.

— The Guerrero Family

I attended R.C.S. from 1984-1989, 4th through 8th grade. I remember carpooling from Pompton Lakes, NJ with the another family who lived in Bloomingdale, NJ and meeting every morning in what was then an A&P and Carvel parking lot and now is an entrance to I-287. At the time, I wondered if I’d ever stop making that trip but now looking back, it was like “a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away” – James 4:14.

There were several activities I participated in at R.C.S. including basketball with Super Bowl winner, Giants Defensive Lineman, George Martin as one of my basketball coaches!!! —soccer, orchestra and several Christmas and spring concerts. I really enjoyed the 7th & 8th grade trips we went on and I had just as much fun several years later when I went as the bus driver and chaperone!

Although I didn’t realize it then, the Lord was beginning a good work in me to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ – Phil. 1:6. I am thankful for all the memory verses and the creative ways of making those assignments fun and competitive and for all the chapels and guest speakers who came to minister to our young hearts (II Tim. 3:15).

Academically R.C.S. is excellent at preparing students for high school. I remember going into my freshman year thinking I already know this stuff! With knowledge came confidence getting me off on the right foot for my years in high school. I have very fond memories of my time at R.C.S. and especially its faculty and administrator who will always be in my prayers.

— William Kapr, Class of ’89

As a graduate, whose children now attend; I can truly say that RCS has been a blessing in my life. Not only do you receive a quality academic and spiritual education; the environment is safe, loving, and nurturing. Children are valued with Christ-like love and are taught to live a life the mirrors the Lord’s. What more could you ask for?

— April Barry

Among the many wonderful blessings that the Lord has given us through our years at Ringwood Christian School has been the development of special relationships with many other deeply committed Christians. Through the years, we drew close to faculty, staff and many RCS families as we attended special events, joined in the serving, and kept each other’s needs in our prayers. We have so many cherished memories as we watched each other’s children grow from tiny, adorable tots into mature young adults equipped for service in God’s Kingdom.

We have grown to love the faculty and staff at Ringwood Christian, as we saw the evidence of their love and commitment to our children. In addition to academic excellence, Ringwood Christian is deeply concerned about the whole person, and especially each child’s relationship with Jesus Christ. As I drive my daughter to school and pray with her, it is so encouraging to know that at that very same time, the faculty and staff of Ringwood Christian are praying together, that all that takes place at RCS will be according to His perfect and loving plan!

We will always cherish the years we spent at Ringwood Christian, and are so grateful to our Great God that our children were able to receive a first-rate, Christ-centered education.

— Bob Giovinazzo