Our God is the Creator of all things and by His grace He has given His children the ability to reflect a part of His nature in our capacity for creativity. That is why Ringwood Christian School believes that an arts curriculum is essential to a well-rounded education centered in the Master Creator, Jesus Christ.

Through a variety of mediums and venues, Ringwood Christian School students are given the opportunity to express themselves and their God-given talents, gifts and abilities, to be used to and for their maximum potential–for the glory of God!


Beginning in 4th grade, students are given the opportunity to join the school beginner band, choosing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. They are given lessons during school hours by our accomplished music director, Mrs. McLaughlin and are able to perform in the spring and Christmas concerts.

As students progress in their musical ability, they advance to the Ensemble and perform with His Sheep in several musical performances throughout the year, including the Annual Campaign banquet.


Our All School Musicals are a highlight of the school year, when every RCS student, from Kindergarten to 8th grade can participate in our grand performances held right in the school’s chapel. Middle school students are typically given more demanding singing and speaking roles while the elementary students sing in the “choir”.

His Sheep

Students that desire to explore their performing gifts to a deeper level can join His Sheep, an ensemble singing and performing group led by Miss Lincoln. His Sheep has given students a chance to shine and discover their voices in plays and musicals that always point the audience towards the gospel and salvation through Christ. These performances have touched many lives, both of the participants and their families and friends that attend.


Art classes are taught by our very talented and creative Mrs. Anna Rolando. Mrs. Rolando brings out the best in our students by stretching their imaginations with challenging assignments that utilize a wide variety of materials, mediums and methods. One of the highlights of last year’s art program was our participation in the Google Logo Design contest that called for an original interpretation of Google’s logo from all grades of students across the entire nation. The winner ultimately received the honor of their design appearing on the Google homepage for a day. Ringwood Christian School’s students dug deep and produced some amazing designs, each accompanied by a brief description of what the inspiration was behind the design. While no one made it into the finals, students had the satisfaction of participating in an event on a national scale.

Throughout the year, visitors to Ringwood Christian School are blessed by the colors and creativity of the artwork that hangs on our walls and doors. After our All School Musicals, parents are invited to roam the school and view some of the best work of the year, with some students receiving awards for outstanding work.