Ringwood Christian School offers a rigorous and exciting science curriculum that helps students explore our world as the marvelous product of creation that it is. An education centered in Christ does not mean that students are taught an academic curriculum with a “religion” class thrown in, but rather, the God who created all things can be seen and taught through science, mathematics, history, language and art, as all these things come from Him.

Research Paper & Science Fair

In September, our 6th through 8th grade students and their parents are presented with a complete outline of their research paper/science project assignment, that takes most of the year to complete. Students, with help from our accomplished science teacher Mrs. Gay, will decide on a subject that interests them and has good learning potential. They will perform extensive research on the subject in school and on their own time, gathering references and compiling note cards in an organized and scientific manner. They will then write a paper of varying length, depending on their grade level and hand in their draft for an initial grade. The paper is then graded and handed back for improvement and correction for the final grade.

Science Project

Based on the findings in their research paper, students are then asked to put their knowledge to the test by coming up with a practical scientific experiment that directly relates to their research. They begin by formulating a hypothesis, and complete an experiment that tests their hypothesis. The project outline calls for attention to every detail, such as keeping a thorough log book, recording every facet of your experiment and findings. Biblical application is an integral part of the assignment, prompting students to mine God’s Word for relevance to their project. Once completed, the students create a presentation board highlighting all facets of their project. They give a verbal summary of the project to a panel of judges comprised of faculty and specially selected professionals.

The level of excellence required for a project of this magnitude is demanding but its rewards are a student that is better prepared for the rigors of higher education. Ringwood Christian students are more confident after years of completing several science projects and feel like they can meet future challenges head on.

Some examples of our students’ projects