Special Days

Ringwood Christian School is more than a school–more than 4 walls and a blackboard. We are a family of believers that love and teach our students to live God-honoring lives. As a natural extension of this relationship, we hold special days throughout the year that honor family members and pastors of our students, to show Christ’s love through our appreciation of them.

Pastor Appreciation Day

All our student’s pastors are invited to RCS for a special day of thanks and appreciation for all the work and ministry they perform for our students and their families. They are treated to a delicious lunch, special performances by each of the classes, and finally a thorough car wash by our 8th grade class! The pastors always leave humbled and thankful for the outpouring of love and the clean car!

Grandparent’s Day

This day is a favorite of many students, who invite their grandparents into school to sit in their classroom with them and enjoy a lunch together, view special performances by each class, and get to see what a day is like at RCS, all finishing up for an early dismissal so that they can spend the afternoon together on their own terms. Its a wonderful time of bonding and reinforcing the generation legacy of faith among families. RCS realizes that not every student is able to have their grandparents in attendance, so another wonderful tradition of “adoption” takes place, where a grandparent in attendance can “adopt” a classmate for the day and get to know them and interact with them and their own grandchild. Many wonderful friendships have developed from this special tradition.

Escape Day

Buehler Science Center, Liberty Science Center, the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT and more… These are just a few places we have visited over the year! As a celebration for completing a very thorough research paper project, classes are cancelled and the students and teachers are off for a “different” type of learning experience.