Frequently Asked Questions

How can our family ever afford “private school”?

We believe that Christian education is not a cost, but an investment! Parents are investing in their child’s eternal future. Ringwood Christian School makes every effort to assist Christian parents in providing their children with a Christ-centered education. It is our goal to see that no child from a Christian home is denied a Christian education due to financial difficulties. Parents should never rule out Christian education because of the financial costs! Specific means of financial assistance are listed on the “Tuition and Financial Aid” page of this site and include:

  • Multiple Child Discounts
  • Varied payment schedules
  • Transportation Reimbursement from the state of New Jersey
  • T.R.I.P. – Tuition Reduction Incentive Program
  • Scholarships

Will private school provide opportunities for extra help for children with special needs?

God’s children are unique and some have special needs. Every effort is made to help provide for a child’s individual needs.

  • Speech Services – These services are provided for students with articulation difficulties. After a thorough evaluation, students may qualify for individual or small group sessions.
  • Academic Support – Students who demonstrate deficits in the areas of Math, Reading and/or Language Arts may qualify for small group support sessions. Eligibility is determined through an evaluation of standardized test scores and classroom achievement.
  • Child Study Team Evaluation – Parents and teachers who are concerned that a child may have a learning disability have access to a Child Study Team. The team is composed of a psychologist, Learning Disability Teacher Consultant and a social worker. Along with the school administrator and classroom teacher, the student has the opportunity for an evaluation and depending upon the results, additional class assistance.
  • In-Class Support – Some students who have been identified as needing additional instructional support may also receive in-class support from a teacher’s assistant.

How much religion will be taught and will that hinder their learning of more academic subjects?

Ringwood Christian School does not teach religion. Each day begins with a 15 minute homeroom period which includes a daily devotional and prayer time. In addition to the typical academic subjects, Ringwood Christian School has a Bible class which students have four days a week. The curriculum is a survey of the Bible and its major teachings. The key component of Christian education is that all subjects are taught from a Christian worldview. Teachers and students have the opportunity to see that all truth is God’s truth!

Weekly chapels are held each Wednesday. Students in Kindergarten through grade 4 have chapel in the afternoon and the middle school students have chapel in the morning. Chapel includes a time of singing and Bible study.

Will being in Christian school inhibit children’s development of social and coping skills and are there any extracurricular activities?

Social interaction is of critical importance for children and young people. God has designed us as social beings and Ringwood Christian School students know how to socially interact.

RCS seeks to produce leaders and thinkers so social skills are important to us. Students interact with their peers and with other students daily.

Students at RCS also interact with students from other Christian schools as well as students in public school. There are numerous opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities. The list is long, but include opportunities such as…

  • Sports – Soccer, Basketball and Track
  • Music – Singing Group, Band, All-School Musical
  • Academic Competitions
    • Spelling Team
    • Math Team
    • Bible Team
    • Science Team
    • Robotics Team
    • Writing Teams

Are the teachers as qualified as public school teachers?

Teachers are the backbone of the school. On a daily basis, they spend more time with the children than the parent. When employing a teacher at Ringwood Christian School, careful consideration is given to the teacher’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ, his or her testimony within the community and the teacher’s academic qualifications and ability to communicate and instruct young people.

All classroom teachers are state certified in their field. Several have their master’s degree in education. We are proud to have a faculty that includes two teachers who have received recognition from “Who’s Who In American Education”. This is a recognition that less than 5% of American teachers receive.

Teachers are encouraged to continue their education through academic studies at the graduate level as well as attendance at conferences and workshops. The Board of Education designates funds so that all classroom teachers are able to attend the Mid-Atlantic Christian School Teachers’ Convention each year.

Is there a nurse on staff?

The state of NJ provides funding so that Ringwood Christian School is able to have a part-time nurse on duty one day a week.

Will my child be prepared for high school?

Ringwood Christian School believes that no child should take an academic penalty in order to receive a Christian education. Great care is taken to be sure that students receive the most comprehensive academic program. The Administrator works with the local public schools to stay current with changes within the high school requirements and program.

Through interaction with the high schools, we have heard over and over again that the Ringwood Christian School student is well prepared for high school. A very significant assistance for students is the Ringwood Christian School Research Paper. Over a course of three years (grades 6-8) students are instructed in the process of research writing. This program has proven to significantly assist students as they enter high school.

Will my child have any opportunity to be exposed to technology and instruction?

Just as the pencil and blackboard have served as key teaching tools throughout educational history, today the computer and technology are the tools of the day. Ringwood Christian School has a beautiful computer lab with over 20 networked PC’s. Kindergarten through eighth grade students have weekly computer classes. Instruction includes keyboarding, word processing, and desktop publishing skills. Curriculum tools include Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Excel. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in a robotics program that competes at both a local level and state level.

Students also use technology to make the best use of the current math program. The student’s textbook can be accessed on line. In addition, middle school student can review teaching videos for all concepts taught throughout the book. They have access to on line quizzes and tests to help them asses their personal math mastery.

Through the use of two on-line programs that can be accessed at home as well as at school, students can work on math and reading skills. This can be used during the school year as well as throughout the summer.

Individual classrooms also have at least one computer. Several classrooms have interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors which teachers use daily in their instruction.

What is the school’s commitment to communicating with individual families?

We believe that the child is the parents’ responsibility (Deut. 6) and that the school serves to assist the parent in educating the child. Therefore communication between home and school is very important. The following communication tools are a regular part of the school:

  • Weekly Friday Folder – Each Friday the student will bring home a special school folder. This folder will include all work completed that week, announcements from the teacher and school office. Missing work and work needing correction will be identified. All test and quiz grades for the week will be recorded.
  • “Peek of the Week” – Kindergarten through grade 6 teachers send a weekly notice which identifies upcoming assignments and test. This is included in the Friday Folder.
  • Voice Mail – All faculty members have voice mail so that parents can leave phone messages.
  • Faculty E-Mail – Faculty members have school designated e-mail addresses and they review these daily.
  • Parent & Teacher Conferences – Two parent and teacher conferences are held each year. Parents are asked to submit their questions and concerns in advance so that the conference is designed to be helpful to them. In addition, parents are encouraged to arrange for a conference any time throughout the year.
  • CHATTER – The school newsletter is published once or twice a month and helps parents keep current on what is going on throughout the entire school.
  • Weekend News – Each Friday afternoon parents are sent an e-mail newsletter. This highlights the next week’s activities, special announcements, etc.
  • RenWeb – The school uses an internet based program called RenWeb. Only parents with enrolled children have access to this program. Parents can review the daily homework assignments, student’s grades, announcements, class resources, pictures of class events, etc.
  • Emergency Communication – Through the RenWeb program, parents will receive telephone calls to inform them of emergency situations such as school closings due to weather. In addition, the program can be used to remind parents of upcoming special events.