Ringwood and Greenwood Lake, NY students are provided with bus transportation through their local school district.

Several districts in New Jersey do not provide transportation for students attending RCS. In exchange for not providing transportation, parents receive approximately $890 per child/per year from their local school district. Families living in New Jersey, but outside of Ringwood may apply through Ringwood Christian School for state reimbursement of transportation. This payment is made in two equal installments (January and June). Eligibility is determined by each individual school district and is contingent upon your proximity to the school.

Car Pooling

The wonderful thing about a small school like Ringwood Christian is the sense of community among our school families. If you are a new family and are concerned about how you will be able to get your child to and from school, we invite you to contact the school office. We will be happy to put you in touch with a family who lives near you. Life-long friendships have begun with a simple car ride to school!