Yes or No — Christian Schooling

toolboxIf you think sending your child to Christian school will make him or her turn out perfect, think again!  On the other hand, I’ve heard people say that they weren’t sending their child to Christian school because they knew a child that went to Christian school and was “all messed up”.  Well, if that rings a bell for you . . . THINK ABOUT THIS . . .

  • Do you know any kids in your church that didn’t “turn out too good”?  Are you keeping your children home from church or at least home from youth group and Sunday School?
  • Do you know any wonderful Christian families who have a “prodigal” child?  Is being raised in a Christian home a bad thing?

Let’s focus on the real issue.  Being a parent is an incredibly difficult task!  Our homes are being bombarded with incredible pressures, influences and challenges.  Raising children who love God must be an intentional task.

Parents who love God, love His Word and intentionally want to impact their children for Christ are of primary importance.  Nothing can replace godly parents.  However, it is easy to see that parents need support.  That’s where the church and school come on to the scene.

The importance of a strong Christian church cannot be overstated.  Does your church serve to strengthen you as parents?  Is it helping you focus on God and His Word?  Is it providing your children with a strong foundation?

Before long, your little one goes off to school.  So young, so fragile, so open to learning!  What will he or she be learning and from whom will they be learning?  (II Tim. 3:14)  There is no doubt that children spend more waking hours at school than at home.  What worldview will they be learning?

Christian school cannot replace a godly home and church. Christian school is another tool in a parent’s toolbox!  Builders are always looking for good tools.  As we intentionally seek to shepherd our children’s hearts toward the Lord, let’s be sure to check out all available tools!

Feel free to give us a call (973-962-4996).  We’re not perfect, but we are committed to intentionally shepherding the hearts of the children God sends to RCS.


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  1. Maureen Rinaldo

    My two children attend Ringwood Christian School, and I see a tremendous difference. As a parent I found that my husband and I get so wrapped up in work and cleaning the house and getting the kids where they need to be that we didn’t make time for GOD, and having my children go to Ringwood Christian school, it is part of our everyday routine, we take the time out of our busy schedules and are so thankful for Ringwood Christian School for helping not only the kids become closer to God, but also the whole family. My children still do make mistakes an need to be corrected, but we have learned how to respond to them in a much healthier way and it is from the help of the Christian school.

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